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Our Story.. For over 75 years sisters Mary Hamilton Calhoun, Thelma Hamilton Burden and Jeanette Hamilton Meadows of Richmond, IN passed on skills that only love can produce, delicately creating the perfect cobbler crust and fruit filling that has been enjoyed by family, friends and Sweet Jeanius valued customers in central Indiana, spanning four generations totaling over a 100 + years of family culinary tradition. Now in 2015 Sweet Jeanius is proud to share this and other classic dessert favorites with the metro Atlanta area. Jean who is named after her dear Aunt Jeanette, at 76 years young continues the tradition by serving up all of the favorite classics on Sweet Jeanius Dessert Truck. Jean has shared the family recipes and the art of baking and the attention to detail to her daughters  Leesa & Kim.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional Sweet Tooth experience, for our valued customers to savor every delectable flavor, to know that each dessert is handcrafted with love and for every guest to proclaim this is the best Peach Cobbler!! Best Bread Pudding!!Best Cupcake Cocktail!! Best Cupcake Sundae!! Best Strawberry Shortcake I've had in my entire life! !!